Picture Of President Muhammadu Buhari (PMB)

Opinion on new lockdown: As from Monday 23 November 2020, all schools, markets, churches, churches, mosques, and banks should be closed down by President Mohammadu Buhari due to Covid 19 spread.

It’s certain that Covid illness is as yet spreading around the nation, with new instances of the infection being recorded every day.

As indicated by organizations on Covid from the Nigerian Centre For Disease And Control, 143 new cases were recorded as at Saturday and the complete affirmed cases is presently more than 65,982.

As I would like to think, since new cases are being recorded day by day, President Mohammadu Buhari should arrange the conclusion, all things considered, schools, markets, churches, mosques and banks should be shut in order to help control the spread of Covid in the nation.

Clearly the Covid infection has executed countless individuals, while some actually living while the infection is in them, in my view, another lockdown ought to be forced on the previously mentioned areas to help control the spread of Covid illness in Nigeria and furthermore secure the lives of residents.

Take note that when there is life, there is hope. The virus is still out there and therefore we should all be cautious of where we go and touch and how we do things

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