Lil Phemzy lits the scenes once again as he drops this gospel joint he calls- “Let Grace Speak” featuring the duo of Leke Lee & BaddoMushin.

The track commences on a rather somber and reflective mode with Lil Phemzy making an intro that takes you through the mood and tempo of the song; then Leke Lee jumps in lacing the song with some beautifully laid out lyrics.

The litany of beats and vocals continues as BaddoMushin makes his own contribution to this piece to further praise and exalt the Almighty God in this awe inspiring rendition.

Let Grace Speak was done primarily in Yoruba with vocals and lyrics that proves the musical ingenuity of Lil Phemzy, whose sublime outing in “Ori mi” as well as “Egungun “; solidifies the assertion that this dude is talented.

Kudos also goes to Leke Lee and BaddoMushin for their contributions and super performance to make this song a futuristic gospel music classic.

Go download it y’all and join this trio to bask in God’s supernatural grace and majestic splendour.



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