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The future of Afrobeat “Lil Fynx” just dropped a big song “Sahara’

Nigerian superstar Artist, Lil Fynx is a singer, Songwriter and multi-talented performer. He started his musical journey in Warri, Delta State.

The Afro-Fusion music creator is ready to take over the world,
He’s music is a catchy, with feel-good vibe that will get you grooving instantly.

Lil Fynx remains a beloved figure in the world music space, maintaining a strong, and loyal fans in the South side of Nigeria.

He intend to serve one of the best projects this year, an evergreen body of work. He is currently putting all his best into the new project and working on his EP that will feature a few artist and producers like Dr Syk, Starz, Papyfire, Soky, Sugarboy, Fynxx boss etc.

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<center><strong><a href=””>DOWNLOAD SONG HERE</a></strong></center>

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