Tonto Dikeh is not done with trolls who have refused to “mind their business”.

Earlier today, Tonto took to Instagram to correct a notion about her son, King Andre’s relationship with former president, Olusegun Obasanjo.

An Instagram account, dedicated to sharing pictures of Nigerian celebrities kids and their parents, shared a picture of Tonto’s son, Andre and Olusegun Obasanjo, captioning the photo:

“The former president of Nigeria Olusegun Obasanjo and his grand child… 100% cute..”

Then Tonto Dikeh via her official Instagram Account responded thus: “Excuse me, that’s my son and that’s not his grandfather in any way. Baba is a great men and has been wonderful to me and my son , but Unfortunately we have no blood relationship with Baba.”

She continued, “But I wouldn’t have you using my sons image for a Lie.. He has 2 grand fathers, One is late and Mine is very much alive.. I was as ignorant as you until I found the truth so pls pls and pls and pls again I’m a mother and I wouldn’t tolerate this…”

“Thanks and God bless you & your business..”

After correcting the notions.. Some non-fans, fans dragged her to filth.. They claim there were better ways she could have corrected the notion.

But Tonto is disagreeing… In a new post she writes:-

“Lmao grabs popcorn to come read comments of women who have not and will never be proposed to… Women who are still fighting over fuckboys.. or girls who are still ig beggards, Girls who know nothing of marriage, Women who are still yet to make use of their wombs if it isn’t destroyed with aborion..

Ooo please shut the f**k up, you already knew I was a drama queen. You don’t love me but my matter carry more comments that the success of your favourite artists. I am in your face NIggas Deal with it Bitter souls be kissed. I have never lied to coever up for a friend before. Raise your hands! Table shakers I am waiting?

Nonsense or did I say my father was Obj? Was I the one to expose a family Lie? Now I can cause I don’t care. Well why am I talking too.. I am here to be entertained. Btw, God Bless u #KINGTONTO.

A follower who then felt she went too overboard wrote to her: “Even women who are yet to make use of their womb”… so deep, too far, Hmm. U have easily forgotten there’s something called death..

Don’t be so sure and comfortable with life. It turns around.. *Grabs popcord @tontolet..

..and then Tonto’s comment was rather uncalled for.. and shocking.. Tonto wrote; “May the thing called death visit you and your unborn generations,Amin.

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