Davido met with Babs Cardini, a famous young magician yesterday when they finished performing on BBNaija stage.

If you could recall that Babs Cardini and Davido both performed on stage yesterday before the winner was announced.

Meanwhile, it seems Davido got some dose of Magic tricks from Babs Cardini and Davido’s reaction was mind blowing, Davido sat on the ground for minutes because he was very surprised.


Babs Cardini played a little card trick with Davido and one of his crew, they knew the cards they picked but somehow, the cards interchanged and the card that Davido’s crew member was holding was found in Davido’s hand and vise versa. Davido was suprised as he walked away from the boy to give him space.

This boy also asked Davido and Mayorkun to stand together but give each other gap. He told Davido to close his eyes and told Mayorkun to open his eyes while his crew members stood and watched the drama that’s about to happen. This young boy now proceeded to tap Mayorkun’s hand twice and asked Davido (whose eyes was closed) that how many times did he tap his hands, Davido suprisingly got it right and said two times.

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