Hi Guys,

It’s a brand new week again, I pray all our Aspirations this week comes to past this week no matter how massive and mighty they might seem ?

Stop censoring what your Mind tells you just because you don’t want to hurt your Friend(s).

Sometimes, your friend/friends hurt you so badly or cause some damages in your Life while saying shits about you to people. This can cost you a whole lot if proper care is not taking.

Now, just because you don’t want to hurt their feelings, you tend to keep shut and keep the pains to yourself just because we don’t want them to feel sad by cautioning them.

Sometimes, it seems as if you are Afraid but believe me, you are not. You just don’t want them to feel hurt by your words, so you rather choose to stay mute and die silently while your stupid friend enjoys life or continue to enjoy your own Money and stay even in your house.


That friend you are keeping mute over because you don’t want to hurt him/her will be quick to caution/shout at you.

They are quick to “Para” for you whenever you wrong them but you, you can’t do the same. You are killing yourself slowly.

Sometimes, patience don’t resolve things, Stay strong and Man up, Tell them the way it is and if they can’t stand it, End the Friendship immediately.


In case you wish to live a healthy life with a pure heart and become a better person, you must be willing to say or speak your mind without holding back any of your words or hide your feelings.

Life is too short to die in Silent while that Wicked and Useless friend of yours continue to live well while you die in pain.

Blast, Insult, Caution, Rebuke, Warn them without holding back your words.

Stop killing yourself for anyone. Fuck their Feelings!!!!

Thank you for reading.

This Post was written by Makinde Azeez [Founder of Naijaloaded].

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God bless you all.

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